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3D bedroom study

As a challenge to myself, I decided to 3D model and render a bedroom. To make it an interesting exercise, I (quickly) designed every item that went into it. The result has can be viewed below.


Modern city bicycle concept in brochure

Modern city bicycle concept in brochure

This is pretty cool. My modern city bicycle concept was used as stock in an Infiniti brochure!

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  • AQGRI+ station visualization

AQGRI+ visualization project

This visualization project for AQGRI+ required 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization work in order to reach the final result. You can find the full story here.

Supervolo lamp concept

Supervolo lamp concept

Every couple of weeks I do a design study to keep my skills sharp. This week’s assignment was to create a lamp with a special feature. The result of this study can be found here.

Tablet wall mount

Tablet wall mount

Recently my trusted 6 year old TX2500 (that’s right, I had a tablet PC before Apple even invented the tablet PC) died, and therefore stopped fulfilling the function of kitchen media center. To replace it, I decided to 3D print a wall mount for my 10″ Asus Transformer Prime which I wasn’t using enough anyway. The result is this universal (up to 9 mm thickness) tablet wall mount that includes clips to hold cables in place. An interactive 3D model can be viewed here, and it can be ordered in several colors from my Shapeways shop here.

Ellipsis earrings

Ellipsis earrings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I haven’t been sitting still. Here are some 3D printed earrings that are now for sale in my Shapeways shop. More images and a 3D model can be viewed here. short animation

Here’s my latest little (±5 hours) side project that I did just for the fun of it. This running race robot would be about 1 meter tall and use electric motors combined with hydraulics to power its legs. A combination of optical sensors, a gyroscope and shifting internal weights would allow it to keep it’s balance on just two legs. The legs themselves were inspired by prosthetic legs used in the Paralympics.

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Sketch study | SX-R800 Jet-ski

Here’s this weekend’s study; the Kawasaki SX-R800 Jet-ski. Drawn in Photoshop using a combination of brushes and vectors.


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Interactive 3D models

I have just added interactive 3D models to all my 3D printed projects. This allows you to view these designs from any angle, or see even more details by using the X-ray (my personal favorite) or wireframe  mode (use top button in sidebar: viewport shading). Using the different mouse buttons you can rotate, zoom and pan the models. As an example I’ve added the Pebble watch stand below, but you can also view the Fluo espresso cup or Nook stand in 3D.