Sketch study | Halo Master Chief

Sketch study | Halo Master Chief

Here’s one of this week’s sketch studies; a close up of the Halo Master Chief suit. Sketched in Photoshop.

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Mini wall planter

If you spend as much time inside as I do, it might be a good idea to bring nature inside. This tiny ceramic wall planter is ideal for small succulents or cacti (with a diameter of about 50 mm) such as the ones that IKEA sells. A mounting point has been integrated into the back of the planter so it can easily be hung on a wall.

This planter has been successfully tested and can now be viewed here or ordered from my Shapeways shop here.


Sketch study | Eames Lounge Chair

Sketch study | Eames Lounge Chair

Lately I’ve been sketching more often to improve my skill-set. Using a picture of the Eames Lounge Chair as a reference, my main aim was to draw wood and leather that look believable. This sketch was made using a wacom tablet and Photoshop.

Ladies wedge sketch

Ladies wedge sketch

Today I felt like designing something different by using lightweight materials on an unlikely product. This modern ladies wedge uses a carbon fiber base, brushed alloy shoe lining and elastic straps to give it race car styling. The ideal shoe for women that have speed in their hearts, but not in their feet!


  • Pebble-Stand-white-front
  • Pebble-Stand-white-rear

Pebble watch charging stand

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of wearable technology, and when the Pebble smartwatch was launched on Kickstarter it was a no-brainer for me. As happy as I am with my Pebble, it did mean that there is yet another charging cable lying around. I designed this Pebble watch stand to have this charger in a fixed location, and of course the added functionality of a desk clock isn’t too bad either. The stand was designed to be 3D printed using very little material to keep the price down. The magnetic charging connector fits snugly into the slot and the wire is guided through the rear leg which has a helix shape to keep it in place. This stand is currently being 3D printed, and I will post some pictures as soon as its ready. When the prototype has been properly tested, this stand will be made available in my Shapeways shop in several colors.

UPDATE: The stand has been successfully printed, check it out here!

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  • Boat_process

Yacht sketch

As a side project, I have recently been doing some sketches of yachts with the intention of designing a full-on luxury yacht in 3D. Here’s just one sketch of a potential design direction.


  • Step-1b
  • Step-2
  • Step-3
  • Step-4
  • Step-5
  • Step-6
  • Step-8a

Guide: Wireless charging nightstand

A few weeks back I decided to integrate a wireless charger into my nightstand. In case you feel like making one yourself, I made a quick guide of how I made mine. Keep in mind that wireless chargers have a limited charging distance and may not work when used inside a LACK shelf (panel thickness: 3.4 mm) combined with a thicker phone case. If in doubt, try testing this distance before you hack into a brand new shelf.

What you will need

  • IKEA LACK shelf (I used two 30 cm x 26 cm, a LACK table sawed in half could also be used but I didn’t feel like making the brackets)
  • QI Charger with at least a 5 mm charging distance (Got mine on eBay for less than $20,-)
  • QI compatible device that you would like to charge on your nightstand, obvious but worth mentioning. A QI receiver can be purchased on eBay for the Galaxy S3, S4 and many other phones.
  • Long flathead screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Blow-dryer (paint stripper would probably be quicker but may damage the outer coating)
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Double-sided tape



thumbnail1.  Starting at a corner, remove the bottom panel of the LACK shelf by heating the edges and prying it open with you knife and screwdriver. The panel is also glued to the paper filling, so you will have to break this bond by moving the screwdriver back and forth.

thumbnail 2.  Push the paper away from where you want to install your wireless charger. Also make room for the wire along the edge.



thumbnail3.  To create a hole for the wire in the backing, drill a hole through the multiplex that is close enough to the open edge to break through it (see foto).



thumbnail4.  To create an opening for the wire in the bottom panel, make two incisions with your knife and use your pliers to break off the piece between the incisions.



5.  Test whether it works! If you intend to use it with a case you might want to test that as well. In my case it still worked with a 1 mm thick plastic case.


thumbnail6.  Stick the QI charging pad inside the shelf using double sided tape. Run the USB-wire along the side and through the hole in the backboard. Replace the paper filling over the QI charging pad and level it out if it sticks out.


7.  Reinstall the bottom panel using small nails or screws. Make sure they aren’t too big, or predrill the holes so the MDF doesn’t split apart. I used some leftover nails I got with a PAX closet which are usually used to attach the back of the closet.


8.  Install the shelf to the wall as you usually would.


thumbnail9.  Enjoy not waking up to an empty phone you forgot to plug into your charger!


Ps. If you’d like to automate your life even further, you can use apps such as Trigger (simple) or Tasker (more complex) to automatically switch your phone to silent mode (or make it do pretty much anything) when it starts or stops charging.

DIY wireless charging nightstand

DIY wireless charging nightstand

I got tired of having to remember to charge my phone every night (and finding the plug in the dark), so I decided to integrate a wireless charger for my Nexus 5 into my nightstand. For added comfort, I also installed an app called Trigger which puts my phone in Silent mode (among other things) whenever it starts charging at night, and restores all settings in the morning.

  • Bicycle1
  • Bike 1 pres

Modern city bicycle concept

This is a sketch of a modern city bicycle concept I’ve been working on as a hobby project. The concept incorporates hubless wheels to make it safer and an electric motor to make it a more comfortable ride. Lightweight materials are used to make up for the weight of the batteries and motor. I just finished modeling this bicycle in 3DS Max and have posted it here.

  • 1080p superring 1
  • 1080p superring 2
  • 1080p superring 3

Superman ring

This “Ring of Steel” was inspired by the logo for the new Superman movie “Man of Steel”. It was designed to be 3D printed in stainless steel, and can be printed in several different finishes, including; stainless steel, gold plated- and bronze infused stainless steel. The ring that can be seen in the pictures on this page was printed with the “bronze glossy” finish. As this was more of a hobby project for me, I’ve decided to remove it from the product design section and place it here instead.