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Lumo Lift charging stand

The Lumo Lift is a wearable activity tracker that coaches you to improve your posture, which I have personally found to be quite helpful. Because this added yet another charger to the already profuse heap of devices cluttering my desk, I decided to design something to organize it a bit better.

The Lumo Lift comes with several magnetic clasps which are used to fasten it to your clothing. The charger, however, offered no storage solution for these clasps. Using the magnets that were used to secure the Lift and clasp in its packaging, I designed a 3D printed charging stand and storage solution. To give it a cleaner look, the wire is led out the back through the leg which supports the stand.

In order to store the clasps, the three magnets that came with the packaging of the Lumo Lift must be inserted into the base of the stand and will keep the clasps or bra strap clip in place. The Lumo Lift charging stand is available in my Shapeways shop here.