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Modern city bicycle concept

This bicycle concept was created as a hobby project. As can be seen in the renders, it uses a hub-less wheel design which means that the actual wheel spins around three rollers located in the wheel’s frame. An electric motor has been integrated into the rear of the frame behind the peddles, while electricity regenerating brakes are used at the front and the back. The batteries are located towards the front of the frame in the section that rises at a 45 degree angle. Apart from powering the bicycle itself, the batteries also power the front and rear lights. The rear light also functions as a brake light. The left lever on the handle bar controls the acceleration while the right is used for braking.

A small touchscreen display is used to lock and unlock the bike. The screen also functions as a speedometer, odometer and keeps you up to date on the bicycle’s range and battery levels. When connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, it can also give you weather forecasts and other notifications. The bicycle also has a built-in GPS chip, which allows you to navigate on the screen and track your bicycle if it is ever stolen. The bicycle can be charged by using a power socket, braking, or by setting a higher resistance level while biking. To keep the bicycle’s weight down, the frame is built using a lightweight alloy and carbon fiber.