• Exploded_view_Gray_2k
  • All_three_2k
  • 3_Right_loose_parts_White_2k
  • Front_perspective_left_Black_2k
  • 2_Dustfilter_right_door_white_2k
  • Bottom_intake_bracket_green_2k
  • 1_Bottom_intake_bracket_radiator_orange_2k
  • Reservoir_rear_red_2k
  • Reservoir_bracket_Black_white_2k
  • Primo_all_colors_2_2k
  • Primo_all_colors_1_2k
  • Enthoo_EVOLV_itx_steel_Removable_HDD_trays_2k

Phanteks product presentation renders

True Design was asked to make presentation renders of several Phanteks’ PC cases which were to be used for packaging and marketing purposes. Apart from offering a consistent style, renders also make it possible to use floating parts, which makes the visuals more dynamic.